Agency Impact Reports


The United Way of the Brown County Area is committed to investing in local programs producing measurable results.  As part of the 2020 grant requirments, funded partners are required to submit a mid-year and a final impact report as a record of the outcome and benefites made possible through United Way grant funds.  Reports will be submitted electronically from the UWBCA partner portal.  Please contact the United Way office with any questions at (507) 354-6512.  

  • Mid-grant Report: Due January 31, 2021
  • End-of grant Report: Due July 15, 2021
All agencies are required to have or create an account to complete and submit your report. Keep your user name and password handy so that you can "save a draft" and return to complete your submission. Also this user name and password will continue to be used for future applications.

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Number of unduplicated individuals served during the past year from each zip code that use this program. Include other areas so we can get a clearer idea of how large your service area is.
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