Day of Caring


Day of Caring shows the amazing difference one day can make when you volunteer.  


It's a single-day service event like no other! Day of Caring brings together teams of volunteers to help individuals across Brown County.  Our volunteers provide services for our disabled and/or senior population. Some non-professional service projects include: small painting projects, raking leaves, washing windows, cleaning gutters, or other yard work. It is amazing the difference one day can make when we work together.  Spend one day volunteering with us to complete more than 80 projects!  We are #GameChangers! 

Day of Caring will be October 29, 2022

Set up a team: Gather a group of people from your work, church or social group. Then click on the "Register Your Team Here" button to sign up for the volunteer opportunities you'd like to perform. 

Please feel free to contact us with questions. 

Submit a project: If you need help or know someone who does, sign up online by clicking the button below. Or, contact for a request form.

Do you have a project idea?  United Way welcomes project submissions from non-profits and agencies in Brown County, Minnesota. 

NOTE: The deadline for project submission is October 12.

Day of Caring

Day of Caring