Megan Furth

Megan Furth
Career Consultant/Senior Recruiter

How long have you served on the Board? "First year - February 2023"

Reasons/Passions for being on the Board? "I am extremely passionate about our Brown County Community and supporting the people that live here in any way I can. Helping others, showing care, and improving lives is what motivates me."

Which of our programs resonates the most with you? Why? "Scholarships for extracurricular activities, backpacks or lunch for children, partnerships for senior activities, funding for dozens and dozens of local organizations, to provide their is all amazing."

City in which you reside: "New Ulm"

Hobbies you enjoy: "Decorating, economizing, arts and socializing with family and friends."

Family: "Matt Furth - Husband, Mason 5, Mily 4, Maverick 1.5"