Morgan Parsley

Morgan Parsley
Senior Auditor
Carlson SV

How long have you served on the Board? "Since December 2021"

Reason(s)/Passion for being on the Board? - "Helping build a better community where everyone can thrive! I love helping people, connecting with people, and doing what I can to make sure everyone has a positive experience within our community."

Which of our programs resonates the most with you? Why? - "The Youth Activity Scholarship program is one of my favorites - I think it is so much more important than people realize. It allows youth to be a part of something that will help them learn, grow, build confidence, be part of a team, form lasting relationships, and so much more. Being a part of different activities played a big part of shaping me throughout my childhood into who I am today, and I think it's so important for all kids to have the same opportunities!"

City in which you reside: "New Ulm"

Hobbies you enjoy: "Most any sporting or outdoor activities, gardening, hosting friends, and going on adventures with my husband and two children."

Family: "I have a 5-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter!"