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2017 United Way of the Brown County Area Partner Organizations

Basic Needs / Emergency Services

Health & Wellness

UWBCA supports programs that ensures our community is physically, financially, and mentally healthy.
We strive to develop individuals and families who will create a strong and thriving community.

Building Self - Sufficiency

A person's physical, emotional and mental health may affect more than the individuals: it can affect family members,caregivers, employers, and others. A vibrant, healthy community needs a foundation of healthy, well-rounded individuals.

Enriching Lives of Seniors

Increasing self-sufficiency means ensuring a safety net of services to assist people in achieving greater personal independence.

Nurturing Children & Youth

UWBCA invests in programs that provide essential services such as out of school activities, mentoring, service learning, character building and more.We also invest in programs that help create a positive self-esteem for youth.