How to be a Rock Star Board Member

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Thursday, March 4th 

Springfield Community Center: Noon-2pm
New Ulm Convention Center: 6-8pm
RSVP by March 1st for In-Person (limited) or via Zoom Link
FREE to All Nonprofits and Their Board Members!


Great boards don’t happen by accident. It takes vision, planning, training, structure, tools, technology, passion and a dedication to create a high-impact board. 

In this session the presenter will lead nonprofit board members through an educational training on How to be a ROCKSTAR Board Member. 
This two hour in depth program comes with a FREE workbook, meal for in-person guests and will cover the following topics:

Define “Governance” what it means to be on a nonprofit board
Develop a shared understanding of roles and responsibilities
Fiduciary & legal responsibilities of a board member
Learn the characteristics of a high-impact board
Understand the five types of boards
Personal commitment to becoming a ROCKSTAR!


This program provided through grants from the New Ulm Area Foundation and Pieschel Family Foundation.

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